Why is Blockchain Technology Important for Business?

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  We have talked about Blockchain Technology basics on this blog before. If you didn’t read our previous blog on the blockchain Technology then first go and read that. So, to give you an extremely short description. In the simplest terms, Blockchain Technology can be described as a data structure that holds transactional records and while ensuring security, transparency and […]

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Why custom software development is more important than you think?

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With the increase in competition in the market, every business whether it is small or big needs different custom software so that the specific requirements are fulfilled. Custom software development is the latest trend among businesses. It is becoming popular day by day and it has the power to resolve very specific business needs. Custom software development allows you to […]

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What’s new in .NET Core 3.0?

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The latest version of .NET Core platform is 3.0 .NET and with this version, most of the user wants to know that what’s new in .net core 3.0 and here we will discuss about it. Let’s start!! Recently, Microsoft has announced the addition of the latest version of .NET Core that will help in supporting building desktop applications using WinForms, […]

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