Best Currency Converter Apps for iOS

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Best Currency Converter Apps for iOS

The currency of every nation changes in each and every second but is not possible to inquire every time with the regulatory bodies. Adding to that, there are many who finds difficult to convert the currency manually. There are people who even do not know how the calculation goes. So to solve out this problem we will discuss some of the best currency converter app. These converters work easily on all the iOS devices. So without doing any delay let’s start the discussion.

Listed below are the best currency converter apps for the iOS users which will help the users to get the best of the conversation results. 

XE currency converter   

XE currency is one of the best currency converter apps for iOS. XE currency is the most used currency converter app present for iOS users. XE currency converter has the capability to store all the last updated currency rates so that whenever you do not get the internet connection you can still get access to the rates. Here in this app, you can get access to all kinds of currency rates from across the globe. Not only currency rates you also get the option of seeing the value of all the precious metal rates.

With the help of XE currency converter app, you can view the value of 10 currencies together and can even compare those currencies. The user if desired can fully customize the setting with just a few clicks. How can we miss the user interface? The user interface of XE currency converter app is very advance which helps the users to understand and operate the app very easily. Over millions of users are using this app daily for better updations.

World Currency Converter

World Currency Converter is a free and easy to use currency converter app with real time exchange rates.  World Currency Converter app has an update of over 155 currencies which helps the user to know more about their currency. The user interface of this app is very advanced yet very simple to understand which helps the user to use this app easily and smoothly.

World Currency Converter app comes with 24/7 update which will help the user to stay updated easily with their currency rates. The most effective part about World Currency Converter app is it is very is very smooth as compared to that of any other app. World Currency Converter app eliminates all the clutter and gives you exactly what you need.

My Currency Converter     

My Currency Converter is another simple converter with a great interface that’s easy to use and understand. It supports 150+ currencies. My Currency also considers Bitcoin, Litcoin and Dogecoin.

My Currency will even work if you’re not connected to the internet; through exchange rates will be approximations based on the last time you were connected. You’re allowed to inverse your conversation with just one tap.

Amount currency converter 

If limited storage is a problem for you, we’ve got a solution. Amount is one of the most lightweight and insightful apps that shows you the results with just two taps. It’s taking up only 5.7MB on your phone.

Amount currency converter uses a real-time conversation with over 700 unites across 30 categories. You’re allowed to add a custom unit for your convenience. Amount holds the history of your searches.

Banca Currency Converter      

Banca is another efficient currency converter app that focuses primarily on your favorite currencies to easily manage. It uses your current location to determine your current currency of the country and adds it for further comparisons. It automatically refreshes with every change in currency rates. The banca automatically updates users whenever there is changeability in the market and it supports every non-defunct currency in the world.


These were some of the best currency converter app for iOS devices. Many people across the globe are using these apps to check on the currency. So if you are new to this and do not know which app will be best then please take a look at the above-mentioned apps which will give you can abstract idea regarding all kinds of currency and choose your desire one depending upon your requirements.


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