WordPress latest version: WordPress 5.0 release date & new features what you need to know?

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WordPress latest version: WordPress 5.0 release date & new features what you need to know?

Most of the wordpress users have no idea about what’s coming next! We tried to find some points of what’s actually coming new in wordpress latest version and which things are coming revised with wordpress latest version: WordPress 5.0 update.

The upcoming launch of wordpress latest version: WordPress 5.0 will be an opportunity for business owners to give their websites updates that enhance their performance and to improve their digital marketing efforts.

WordPress 5.0 release date     

Do you know when wordpress latest version: WordPress 5.0 will be released? We know you all excited for the wordpress latest version: wordpress 5.0 release date. Well the long wait is over!  Let’s have a look…

  • WordPress 5.0 release date is scheduled on 19 the November 2018. 
  • This WordPress 5.0 release date can slip by up to 8 days if needed.

Each time a wordpress latest version rolls out; we’re all excited about getting to play with its new features. Each major release of wordpress latest version brings changes to the way we use the platform.

WordPress latest version: WordPress 5.0 will make for a more flexible content management system for designing unique page layouts, with its introduction of movable block of content.

What are the possible new features coming in WordPress latest version: WordPress 5.0?

WordPress latest version > Gutenberg editor and plugin

The most possible exciting feature coming is the Gutenberg editor. Gutenberg is an editor for wordpress which is named after Johannes Gutenberg, who is known for the invention of the movable-type printing press. It optimizes for direct manipulation of the visual presentation of the content. The current visual editor requires a lot of us to utilize short-codes and HTML to make things works.

The actual goal is to make this easier, especially for those just starting with wordpress. This is currently in its beta and testing phase, it’s not ready to run on production sites yet so there are a lot of the bugs and issues.

WordPress latest version > Security update   

Many of us are very much concern about our website security. Any security flaw can be proven very harmful for business. To prevent attacks on our website, wordpress latest version has already introduced some security features.

Such as recommending hosting websites with SSL Certificates, two-factor authentication and application passwords. The WordPress authority likely to continue improving its security in future releases.

WordPress latest version > Front – end editor  

With Front-end editor, anyone can edit his/her post right on the page. The way it works just like you use the mobile phone and touch screen. Front-end editor has existed along with WordPress for a long time. Visual Composer is dominating front-end editor plugin is for years. On the market recently appeared new front-end editor plugin for WordPress too.

In the comparison to Visual Composer, Front-end Editor for WordPress is lighter and faster. Maybe it’s inherited from Customizer framework. Lighter means fewer functions. But you should regard in mind that visual composer is visual composer and front-end editor is front-end editor!

WordPress latest version > Mobile optimization

WordPress authority is trying to improve the mobile experience day by day for both users and developers. Decreasing the differences in website maintenance between desktop and mobile has become a routine for the company. Also, the majority of WordPress themes are now responsive.

WordPress latest version > Crop background image 

Formerly we could change our background of our websites. But it’s a boring process. We have to crop it manually then re-upload to the library and select the image again. Now we will have a chance to crop image before it goes live on website.

This is a small action but definitely it will reduce significant time in the changing background image flow. So far, this is all we know about WordPress 5.0 features. We hope there will be a lot of more exciting features on the finale update. All we can say is WordPress is preparing for a really big evolution.

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